Like a daydream (or a fever)

Posted in music on September 13th, 2009 by pan pan

I started a new project that will bring you a lot of free downloadable music through PostNoise.

Like a daydream (or a fever) is an ongoing music project without a clear deadline or a strict update policy. There is not a set goal to achieve or a certain expectation to rise up to. It ’s an ongoing sonic diary, mapping on sound my current mood and musical influences, on days where i will have the luxury to sit back and plug in all my little devices and come up with a finished track, right from scratch. Then that track will be directly uploaded here accompanied by a printable (29×29 cm on 300 dpi) poster.

“It felt good… Like a daydream… or a fever…” is an inspriring excerpt heard in GY!BE’s “Dead flag blues”, from their “f# a# oo” LP.

Here we go…

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