a re/place diary countdown

Posted in comics on July 24th, 2009 by pan pan

Long time, no see. Things have been busy, but no “major” release had occured in the meantime.

Tommorow, Saturday 25th July, in “9” magazine (Eleftherotypia’s free comics insert) there will be a 16-page story i have written and drawn, named “a re/place diary”, featuring some of the biggest musicians of all time, fed up robots, yoghurt-throwing and a great escape.

Stay tuned as there will be a surprise, for all you PostNoise readers, here, on Sunday.

12 Responses to “a re/place diary countdown”

  1. digi Says:

    ok, taksideua k den pira to 9.
    einai idi kyriaki k akomi to surprise pou egrapses..

  2. pan pan Says:

    nai alla den argisa poly e?

  3. digi Says:

    not at all mate.
    will read it and comment