New LP is out

13 tracks / 51 mins / Available on digital format or box containing cassette, cd, 16-page booklet and download code / Stream or buy below

Posted in music on October 31st, 2013

Free beat tape

Celebrating my 30th birthday, i give you a beat tape for free download. The greek title, could be translated as “Our teeth and a glorious super slo-mo embrace”. You can get it at

This is a 30 minute long beat tape i compiled, using 13 out of numerous tracks i made during the last days of january 2012. It’s meant to be free, and it’s meant to have a sequel.
If you enjoyed this stress-free approach in making a beat and playing around, you might also want to check out (again) my proper releases at

Posted in music on June 17th, 2012

if you know what i mean

I have started a tumblelog. There you can find mostly spontaneous music pieces, that are uploaded as soon as they are done, just for the fun of it. And some sketches from time to time. This is it >>

Posted in comics, music on February 17th, 2011

the LP is out

My first LP is called “Someday, maybe i won’t mind” and it’s got 9 tracks which i wrote, performed and home recorded in my bedrooms i used to sleep in at Volos and Athens, GR from 2005 to 2010. You may listen to the whole thing here and download it (plus the printable booklet) in whichever format you wish by paying a minimum of 1 euro.

Posted in music on September 15th, 2010

Like a daydream (or a fever)

I started a new project that will bring you a lot of free downloadable music through PostNoise.

Like a daydream (or a fever) is an ongoing music project without a clear deadline or a strict update policy. There is not a set goal to achieve or a certain expectation to rise up to. It ’s an ongoing sonic diary, mapping on sound my current mood and musical influences, on days where i will have the luxury to sit back and plug in all my little devices and come up with a finished track, right from scratch. Then that track will be directly uploaded here accompanied by a printable (29×29 cm on 300 dpi) poster.

“It felt good… Like a daydream… or a fever…” is an inspriring excerpt heard in GY!BE’s “Dead flag blues”, from their “f# a# oo” LP.

Here we go…

Posted in music on September 13th, 2009


This is a bunch of old songs i ‘ve have made during the last five years and will never get to be part of some “official” LP of mine, since they are not the music i feel like playing right now. I still love them, though, and I wanted to share them with other people. So there it is, a 6-track EP, called “Koon”.

You can download it for free here.

Around mid-September there will be a handcrafted physical release  in a limited run of 20 CD-R. More info soon.

Posted in music on August 6th, 2009

new song on myspace / “monday”

I ‘ve been working all these years constantly on new tracks that never got to be heard by lots of people either because they were not good enough to deserve it, or because I thought I should put some more work on them before I release them. The last months, i have been sorting out my songs and done lots of re-arrangements and additional recordings to come up with 9 songs that will be (someday soon, i hope) my first LP.

One of this tracks is “Monday”, which you can check out on myspace.

Posted in music on July 29th, 2009

pan/pan @accra minoa’s gig

  Accra Minoa, will be playing live before Giardini di Miro, on Saturday 7th February, at Eightball, Pindou 1, Salonica, Greece.

  And I will be there, doing digital paintings live, which will be projected during Accra Minoa’s show.




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Common Comics #4 Soundtrack

  The soundtrack to Common Comics #4 : Mr.Danko is uploaded on the music section of .

  For sample pages of CC#4, which is released tommorow on a special presentation in Salonica (see previous post)  you can go here .

  Stay tuned for the presentation in Athens, on Saturday 27th December.

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