Common Comics #4 Soundtrack

  The soundtrack to Common Comics #4 : Mr.Danko is uploaded on the music section of .

  For sample pages of CC#4, which is released tommorow on a special presentation in Salonica (see previous post)  you can go here .

  Stay tuned for the presentation in Athens, on Saturday 27th December.

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common comics @ salonica

  My personal comic book series, under the name of Common Comics has reached its fourth issue. My publisher, Giganto Books and I celebrate the occasion, with a presentation and after party in Salonica. 

  Meet us at Cofix, L.Margari 11 on Saturday 20th December, at 6 pm. This will also be the debut for TasMar ‘s Krak Komiks #3

  Giganto Books are celebrating their 5 years anniversary, so the new comic books will be sold with 1,5 euro off the standard prize, and all the past releases will be on 50% sale.

  After 10pm, there will be a party , where the the man behind Giganto Books,  Tassos Papaioannou, will become the man behind the wheels of steel. 

  For sample pages of Common Comics #4 :Mr.Danko you can click here

PS:Giganto Books are right now organizing an equivalent event to be held in Athens, next week. Stay tuned!

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I wish everything turns out for the best.

  It’s been 4 days since Athens,Greece, has been burning. Things have gotten pretty weird. In last Wednesday’s “9” magazine, in which I have been a regular contributor for the last 3 years, there was published the 52nd “re/stor. diary” , my series of one-pagers. 

  It’s been 3 weeks since  i drew it, calculating that about the time it would be published, people would be sinking in the pre-xmas rush etc. The timing is so wrong, it makes me feel bad. 

  As I said before, things have gotten pretty weird and i guess nobody needs another “careless” and “thoughtless” comic page, these days. I wish the timing hadn’t been so bad. In times likes these, as an artist, i feel that maybe I should be able to suggest something.

  I just wish I could set my thoughts in order.

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a re/leaf(?) diary @

The 3-pager “a re/leaf(?) diary” is now available in the “comics” section of the gallery of .

You may click here, to skip going through the menu.

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a re/leaf(?) diary @ “9” magazine

 In today’s “9” magazine, that comes as an insert with eleftherotypia every wednesday, there is a 3-pager of mine, called “a re/lief(?) diary”.
 Also, as every typical wednesday for this site, there is an update at the online comics section.


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“9” magazine / cover+comics

  In today’s (November 12th) “9” magazine, i have made the cover and re/stor.diaries #51. I will upload the comics page, translated in english, in a few days. Till then, if you don’t live in Greece, and cannot buy the magazine, you can click on the thumbail and see the cover illustration in full size. If you live in Greece, and still prefer the digital file to the printed version, go ahead and give it a try yourself.

   And of course, since it’s wednesday, a new episode of all the pretty little jonsies is added on the online comics section of this site.



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re/stor.diaries #50

re/stor.diaries #50

 in today’s “9” magazine, which comes free with “eleftherotypia“, you cand find re/stor.diaries #50. tommorow i will post it here, translated in english.

EDIT: here is the promised, yet delayed, english version of re/stor.diaries on the thumbnail for full size.

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athens voice

i saw you / pan pan edition In this week’s Athens Voice 5 year anniversary issue, i ‘ve got a guest appearance with a one-page comic, in the “i saw you” column. It was a pleasure, drawing fake (or not so fake) stories about people who randomly saw other people in the city of Athens, and tried to communicate through the newspaper.

 I used a 6×8 grid to add a faux advertisement  style to the comic, since it is replacing and advertisement.

For full-size, you can click on the thumbnail on the right.

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