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I have started a tumblelog. There you can find mostly spontaneous music pieces, that are uploaded as soon as they are done, just for the fun of it. And some sketches from time to time. This is it >>

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Common Comics #5 : Purr

The time has come for a new book. Common Comics #5: Purr hits the selves on 16th April 2010, during Comicdom Con Athens 2010.

It is as always published by Giganto Books , 48 pages of brown ink on samua paper, and it’s the third, and last part, of the story that begun on Common Comics #3: Gong .

You can see sample pages here and here (while reading a synopsis in greek at the dedicated section of the revamped Giganto Books website) and download the soundtrack for free from here.

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a re/place diary

This is it.

You can grab your digital copy here .

“a re/place diary”, a 16 page story free for download. There will be a physical release too, a package of a comic book and some unique extras for everybody, since it will be a limited run of 111 pieces. But this is due in September, and we still have got a long hot summer ahead with more comics to be drawn.

People who send feedback will be highly appreciated. You can do it as a comment here, or if you are shy you might as well drop me a line using the contact section of this website.

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a re/place diary countdown

Long time, no see. Things have been busy, but no “major” release had occured in the meantime.

Tommorow, Saturday 25th July, in “9” magazine (Eleftherotypia’s free comics insert) there will be a 16-page story i have written and drawn, named “a re/place diary”, featuring some of the biggest musicians of all time, fed up robots, yoghurt-throwing and a great escape.

Stay tuned as there will be a surprise, for all you PostNoise readers, here, on Sunday.

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Now, I wake up with the sun

   My new comic book “Tora pia, ksipnao me ton ilio” (Now, I wake up with the sun) is due tommorow, during Comicdom Con Athens. For the press release (in greek) you can click here. For sample pages of the book you can click here. To download the soundtrack of the book you can click here.

  I ‘m looking forward to seeing you all at the Con.

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Giganto books blog

  Giganto Books, my greek publishing home,  now have a blog! There will be news about Giganto Books’ publishing activity and its artists’ new projects all around. Every artist that has collaborated with Giganto Books will be able to post in that blog, so stay tuned, it’g gonna be pretty interesting.

  Giganto books blog can be found here, and it speaks greek.

Posted in comics on March 22nd, 2009

13th Athens International Comics Festival

  The 13th Athens International Comics Festival is held in Technopolis, Gazi, Athens, from 22nd to 25th January. You can find more info (in greek) here.

  I participate in the main Greek artists exhibition for the second time, with a 13-panel one pager, which I also printed in 111 numbered and signed A3 posters. They cost 2 euros a piece, and will be auctioned in sotheby’s in killer prices 10 years from now. In case you don’t want to miss the chance to purchase one (or maybe six) in 2009 and become rich by the end of the next decade, you will find me in the self-publications booth.

   Clicking on the thumbnail you get the poster in (almost) desktop proportions.

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Happy New Year everybody!

2009 kicked in with the return of All the Pretty Little Jonsies . The strip is back on track, in its regular schedule, every Wednesday. In case you didn’t notice that there had been a 2-week hiatus, it’s fine by me, because I didn’t either.

I hope 2009 is better than the best year you ever had.

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common comics @ athens!

  The presentation/release party for the new Giganto comic books (my precious Common Comics #4 and TasMar’s Krak Komiks #3 ) in Athens will take place at Dasein, Solomou 12, Exarchia, on Sunday 4th January, at 6pm.

  Giganto Books are celebrating their 5 years anniversary, so the new comic books will be sold with 1,5 euro off the standard prize, and all the past releases will be on 50% sale.

  After 10:30 pm, there will be a party , where the the man behind Giganto Books,  Tassos Papaioannou, will become the man behind the wheels of steel. Yes. Again!

  Be there or else.

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common comics @ athens

  Finally, the presentation party for common comics #4 in Athens, will take place on Sunday 4th January 2009. More on that, about the exact time and place, in a few days, so stay tuned to the PostNoise.

  Till then, have a happy holiday!

Posted in comics on December 26th, 2008