accra minoa & pan/pan @ athens

  Hello everyone!

  What we did with Accra Minoa in Salonica was a hit, so we will do it again in my hometown, Athens. I ‘ve dreaming this moment for ages, and now here it is. Accra Minoa playing music and me drawing synched to their tunes. 

  The concert takes place on April 2nd, in AN club, Solomou 13, Exarchia, Athens. Also appearing : Figurant and One Hour Before The Trip

Posted in live gigs on March 17th, 2009

pan/pan @accra minoa’s gig

  Accra Minoa, will be playing live before Giardini di Miro, on Saturday 7th February, at Eightball, Pindou 1, Salonica, Greece.

  And I will be there, doing digital paintings live, which will be projected during Accra Minoa’s show.




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