Sex in a postnoise era

Here is a video from our latest live show. The track is Sex in a postnoise era from the 1st LP. Manos Arvanitakis filmed and edited the whole thing.

pan pan – sex in a postnoise era from Manos Arvanitakis on Vimeo.

For more videos, check out the music videos section.

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party is over

  Comicdom Con Athens was a blast of fun. Thanks to everybody who came by and said hello or even bought the new book! Now i get back to work, writting and drawing a lot of 2-pagers for “9” magazine, and planning much more.

  The thumbnail on the right is a panel from a comic I finished last night about me dreaming of being a member of Mogwai. It says: “And I ‘m having as much fun as possible”. Yes, that’s how it would be. 

  You mayclick on the thumbnail for full view.

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It’s on!

Ladies and gentlemen,

This is Pan Pan, comic artist/ illustrator/musician, speaking.

Here you will be able to find news about my activities, sample pages and illustrations, some of my music, and a weekly updated online comic strip. Well, this is akward…

So long!

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